How the sale of Herbalife products has changed in the world and in Italy

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Come è cambiata la vendita dei prodotti Herbalife nel Mondo e in Italia

All great American success stories seem to originate from a fairy tale, the American dream. An escalation that could be represented with the phrase from the nail to the million.

AlsoDavid Copperfield when he arrived at the Assiago Forum, with his presumed partnerClaudia Schiffer,he said that the first magic tricks were of the Close Up type and he did them exclusively for his grandfather, using playing cards. These effects were very popular and became themore great illusionist of America, making theStatue of Liberty (article about it), Crossing theWall Chinese and a huge fan in action(in which he also had an accident). Even after 30 years this illusionist has not lost his success.

The founder ofHerbalife:Mark Reynolds Hughes he was a child with separated parents. His mother after the divorce, to try to get back into the game, she devoted herself to a very strict diet, where in order not to eat she had to take anxiolytics. Unfortunately she was found dead when he was only 18 years old.


Mark Hughes, most likely driven by this traumatic event, he began to sell his first product, that is the main product behind thediet Herbalife: themeal replacement, consisted of a smoothie that contained all kinds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and, the most important nutrient:proteins. The latter are the building blocks of our muscles and prevent us from losing weight throughlost of themass muscular and at the same time they favor the achievement of satiety. This satiety is not so due to the belly full of fat and carbohydrates, in which the stomach walls enlarge, pushed by the overeating and tell the nervous system that the stomach is full.

Carbohydrates aresugars, the sense of satiety lasts for a few minutes and is very satisfying, also because the sugars act onsystem nervous in the same way as intercourse, it is triedpleasure, pleasure that is then sought more and more often. The need is therefore renewed. However when you satisfy a need you dorenews, you are never doing somethingto greet. Gambling, addiction to alcohol and drugs are the perfect examples.


On the other hand, when satiety is reached thanks to proteins, satiety lasts much longer than theglycemic curve it has no peaks and is instead wavy. This allows us not to have sudden hunger pangs, especially after dinner. Lookgraphic below to understand what happens when you overdo the sugars ahead of the day. Hunger returns with ever greater peaks.(article about it)


The sale of products begins with the luggage of Mark Hughes' car in 1980. Somewhere you had to leave, at first it seemed more like a shop of some unsavory substance, rather than products for health, diet and wellness. It was a balanced substance among many) proteins, carbohydrates, trace substances, cocoa and vanilla

In theUnited States already in those days there was the problem of overweight, the packages were full of writings: No Fat, no Colesterol, however Mark Hughes tried to go further, he wanted to offer all the important elements of nutrition, in a balanced way and within aformula balanced, in this way he could have made many people lose weight without running the risk that his mother had made him lose.

The first method for selling products that was used was that ofDoor to door, To which the method ofShake Party, that is to meet with friends and relatives and test the products without obligation, which at the time could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Early on, other meal replacement brands attempted to discredit Mark Hughes' work and his Herbalife in the United States and in the countries where it was spreading. Also in Italy, let's remember that it has existed since 1992.

Herbalife, therefore, was accused ofscheme pyramidal which is an absolutely forbidden practice, under penalty of arrest in all countries of the world. This method is onefraud because it is not generatedreal I earn on the product and no wealth is generated for the whole pyramid of sellers, except for the extreme peak, as you can see from the image.

In practice, the pyramid system is based on continuously trying to hire new sellers. But actually to become a selleris necessary invest a large sum, generally from a few thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros and this sum only serves to enrich the tip of the pyramid which is obviously the only one to benefit from it. Recall that this practice isabsolutely prohibited in all states of the world.

If you wishelaborate on and better understand the pyramid scheme and ponzi scheme, see the video below.


If those allegations were true, how come thenHerbalife is present in ben84 Countries of the world 

Although journalists and entrepreneurs, probably affiliated with other chains and brands, have tried in the various decades ofsink the Herbalife company, have never succeeded in this feat.

Why? Just whyHerbalife it has nothing to do with a pyramid-type system and we need to clarify this. Now let's get into the specifics and explain what it is.

There are very few Authorized Herbalife sellers who create a network of sellers under them, which is calledmultilevel marketing, perfectly legal in all countries of the world, which could arouse some suspicion or give rise to some doubts. If you want to deepen the topic,click here.

But let's go now toto analyze this case, even if specifically the same does not interest us in any way because we are authorized distributorsHerbalife Italy from2011 and we havesold it thousands of products to hundreds of people directly and none of them have ever sold a product to anyone else. This is because our business plan is not based on multilevel marketing.


So in our case themultilevelmarketing it doesn't touch us. However, remember that if some Herbalife distributors decide to subscribe to onecardcorporatespecial and therefore not a card that serves to obtain only onediscounts, which is purely personal in this rare hypothesis and manages to find someone willing to sell the products under himself, the contract between the two is formalized with the purchase by the second seller, therefore the one who will sell for the first, of an KIT which involves a decidedly low investment, as the KIT consists of:

  • The main product, which is the best selling of all:Herbalife Formula 1 - Vanilla Flavor
  • 1 professional shaker
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • Discounted price lists,
  • DVD
  • Information material to start the activity
  • Printing of the identification badge as a Herbalife Seller with a passport photo, which is subsequently reported to the police headquarters to indicate that the person will become a door-to-door seller and therefore with control of the relevant criminal record
  • 1 case containing everything described, as well as manuals on how to undertake the activity and addresses of Herbalife Italia S.p.A. schools

and all this to the price of 58. It's not even there half of the value effective of all items delivered, in just 2 days, to those who decide to try to undertake this activity. Try to buy the walls of a Bar and its license, the machinery, the counter and the staff for 58€, also already having the product main to sell, what is sold easily and immediately.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read our article: "Herbalife Products Discounts From 25 to 50!%!"

But alsoHerbalife over the decades it has undergonemutations. There was the period ofShake Party, where everyone gathered at the home of a distributor who let the products try for free, as we have seen previously. Subsequently, the very long period of consultancy, in which a Herbalife salesman every week took the burden of weighing all his customers, giving a strongmotivation to maintain the goal, also through fit camps, hours of gyms, races, all at levelfree. 

In the laststen years the online sales channel appeared.

We are thefirst site to have realized that this lawful method of product distribution could be a great way to sell Herbalife products.

People don't have that much anymoretime to receive a distributor directly at home, who clearly tries in any way to be able to sell as many products as possible to increase their weekly / monthly earnings. People know the products because they have been around for more than40 years now.There are online catalogs and on our site you will also find many toll-free numbers from which you can ask for any kind of information, advice and clarification on things that are not clear to you.

Abig distributor onlineLike us, he has no problem presenting the discount card, thanks to which you become direct customers of the company and take advantage of big discounts.Read here to learn more.

Abig distributor online does not need to bother you with email marketing, messages and calls from the latter two. You need authorization from the customer to use sensitive information for promotional purposes..

Alarge online distributor does not propose to youcampaigns ofmarketing and instead prefers that customers independently,365 days a year,24 hours a day, with over10 methods ofpayment and withdelivery free withCourier service expressed edSMS automaticfor order tracking, choose without pressure and with the utmost freedom when and whether to place their order.

You canto pay inautonomy, through our electronic servers at any time of day or night, without the intervention of any operator.

How come all this is based on ours vision, or ofdo not disturb never our customers who could just ask for information on the phone and never order from our site.
Or they might just order a 5 bar of soap every 10 years. We care to provide, If requested, detailed information on the use of the products and also any contraindications.

We have an apparatus adapted tosatisfy the customer, another fundamental element from our plan. Including theguarantee satisfied orrefunded, Also after30 days and when the jar is empty. It is about guaranteeing assistance to our customers without being invasive of their spaces, today more than ever invaded by advertising and spam all the time.

A final word onquality of products. Through an automatic telematic system iour orders are transmitted to the warehousesHerbalife Italy S.P.TO. that forto preserve featuresorganoleptic of the products, are located underground in cold rooms at controlled temperatures and humidity, away from sunlight. In fact, the products cannot be stored at a temperature higher than25 degreesi and must be protected from light in a cool and dry environment.

Herbalife has expressly and absolutelyforbidden the sale of its products on third-party marketplaces such as, but not limited to:Amazon edeBay. As on these channels the distributor is coveredfrom anonymity and to sell the products below cost he imports them to96 from Indiaa.

In this way, however, the products travel for approx4 months on cargo ships inside containers. They travel for many months under the sun of the South Seas,losing all the organoleptic properties, that is deterioratesno above 25 degrees and in the case of higher temperatures what happens most often, we talk about 50 and 70 degrees, the products becometano highly toxic, as the structural formula of the carbon-organic component changes.

Finally, an eye onresults operational that we put only for a purposestatistical, as if in the world they are consumed11 million fruit Herbalife and no one has ever died, surely it can be said with certainty that the products do not hurt. Others are cases where someone has made reckless use of the products, but this happens with any substance that is used without any control and in excess, including food.

The products are particularlytasty especially chocolate, vanilla, tropical fruits, strawberry, cookies and cream and therefore it was found with surveys that people said to becollapsed. This was because they had eaten them straight from the jar and without any liquid, having already taken their daily ration.

In1982Herbalife's earnings reached a sales volume of2 million dollarsand quickly grew to touch1 billion of sales volume only in1986. Earnings source:Herbalife - Wikipedia - History

For the occasion there was a famous party for the first billion dollars. On this party I flankMark Hughes, as a right armMichael O. Johnson (current CEO) and Mark told him that soon they would come to5 billion in turnover and a little incredulous, Michael replied that it was not possible to reach those figures. He, a visionary, said: "Borrow my eyes"which in Italian would translate into:"Borrow my eyes"and you will see what happens.

The newCEO it is maintaining the founder's intentions, as happens for Apple and in fact the products still todaythey are not sold directly but they are sold only and exclusively through distributors or through cards that are in any case issued by an authorized Herbalife distributor.
The company currently has a turnover of5 billion, always without any pyramid scheme. At the most, multilevel marketing is used, which, as we have already said, is accepted and regulated in every country, especially inUnion European and inItaly.

This river of money that assimilates a company that produces food supplements surpasses and detaches by several dozen times all other companies of food supplements or meal replacements.

Thiswealth which is comparable to that of the Big Economy of Web companies:Google,Facebook,Twitter,that do not produce a physical good, it reinforces itself, that is through the hiring of scientists, Nobel laureates, sponsorship of internal research, sponsorship of university research and sponsorship of sports players such asChristian Ronaldo and thousands of other athletes. This allows us to create an increasingly stable and quality product, which is completely assimilable by our immune system.

If you wish you can buy oursproducts, by clicking below:

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