How to Become a Herbalife Preferred Customer

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Come Diventare un Cliente Privilegiato Herbalife
Standard Herbalife customers purchase from the site without being entitled to any discount. And the classic situation of a first purchase to test the efficiency and effectiveness of our products. But a multinational company that has been operating all over the world for more than forty years will certainly not disappoint new customers. If you too have recently purchased one or more Herbalife branded items and want to repeat the experience because you feel highly satisfied, do not miss the opportunity to buy with a discount of 25! And across the board!a la linea!

Purchase the Herbalife Mini Kit

In order to access the incredible discounts offered by the company to its privileged customers, you will need to register and request the Herbalife Mini Kit, which contains:
  • 1 box of Formula 1 vanilla
  • 1 bag with logo
  • 1 meter
  • 1 price list
  • 1 I love Herbalife brooch
  • 1 license
  • 1 welcome letter
  • Some brochures
This set is identical to what you get by becoming Herbalife distributors. By registering on the site and purchasing the kit you will be in effect aHerbalife preferred customer and you can order any product with a discount of 25. Furthermore, you can also become a sponsor of some of your friends or relatives, allowing them in turn to acquire our products at a discounted price.

There are obligations to be respected?

As you can see, the benefits are obvious, but often there is also the other side of the coin quiet, with Herbalife this is not the case! In fact, you will not have any obligation of minimum monthly orders or payments other than the annual discretionary fee equal to 9 which, if not paid, will only result in your cancellation in our archives. You will have your login credentials that will allow you to enter the platform made available by the company, where you can place your orders, whenever you want. Remember that to register you will need to be sponsored by a Herbalife distributor or other preferred customer, who will indicate a code and the first three letters of the surname. From a tax point of view, in Italy you have the opportunity to earn up to 7,500 euros on items for personal use and consumption and for your family, without incurring obligations or taxes. Beyond this amount, however, you are obliged to open a VAT number, this often happens for sales representatives, who distribute Herbalife products not only to family and acquaintances. conoscenti).

How to make the payment

The Herbalife Welcome Kit is made available on the site at a cost that slightly exceeds the Formula 1 jar, or 58. You can pay by credit card or Paypal quickly and safely..

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