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Come curare la pelle per un viso splendido
Let's try to understand the optimal methods to keep the dermis elastic and compact even after the doors. The skin is composed of three layers, namely lipoderm, a predominantly fatty tissue, very active and rich in hormones and vitamins, the dermis, about 4 mm thick with fibers, blood vessels, hyaluronic acid, collagen and much more, and the epidermis, or the superficial layer that we all see, and where the creams currently on the market go to

The aesthetic aspects of the skin

In practice, the epidermis gives the face an appearance of softness, smoothness and brightness always if healthy, the dermis gives a rosy appearance, elasticity and compactness, while the innermost layer composed of adipose tissues gives fullness and outlines the features of the face. In fact, when the years begin to weigh, the fat inside the hypodermis is reduced, even by a lot, giving the face a hollowed out appearance and, due to the force of gravity, less toned. For skin care we must first of all start with subcutaneous nourishment, to get all the nourishment required and necessary to maintain a luxuriant appearance through the blood vessels. Fiber is made up mostly of proteins, which must be replenished every day with an adequate diet. The dietary style must therefore include every type of food, while an excessively restrictive or irregular diet or one that is mainly based on junk food, certainly does not help to nourish the dermis correctly. And here the first wrinkles appear Skin elasticity is put to the test daily by the sun's rays, and for this reason protection factors are highly recommended, not only during the summer; it would be advisable to use, for example, a foundation with a factor of 15 or higher, even in winter, especially if you work outdoors, if you often go to the ski slopes or even simply if you jog outdoors. Free radicals are also enemies of a turgid and elastic skin. The best foods are vegetables, especially tomatoes and carrots, but also citrus fruits and olive oil. For those who cannot follow a varied and healthy diet every day, there are various supplements on the market that are very valid and rich in antioxidants.i antiossidanti.

Cleansing and hydration: the basics

Cleaning the skin is a fundamental part of a correct treatment to avoid premature wrinkles or dull and marked complexion. We recommend specific products that pamper the skin without attacking it. In this case we are going to act on the epidermis, or the superficial layer. The preferred cosmetics are those that nourish the skin barrier, which sends very specific messages to the intermediate layer, or the dermis, such as the request to work more intensely with dermal cells and fibrolasts. The formulations should contain active ingredients to protect cells and to restore intracellular fat, with ceramides, polyunsaturated fats, phospholipids and so on, which also act for the reconstruction of the natural skin hydration factor NMF. Daily cleansing awakens the complexion, removes toxins present on the skin, dust, bacteria and pathogens present in the air and prepares the skin to receive the right nourishment. You can use a specific milk or oil, followed by a mild, non-aggressive soap. Washing well every morning will avoid periodically resorting to scrubs which are in fact too aggressive for the very thin skin of the face.tile.

The importance of hormonesi

A lack of estrogen, typical of menopause, unfortunately removes elasticity, firmness and turgor from the features of the face, and therefore has to run for cover by eating in a healthy and balanced way, and remembering that the innermost layer of the skin is mainly composed of fats, and for this reason they should not be removed from the daily diet, but simply prefer the good HDL cholesterol, limiting the harmful LDL ones. Therefore, vegetable fats such as extra virgin olive oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil and so on can be used sparingly.così via.

Herbalife's answer

For years, the company has been analyzing the most important factors for a young, fresh and compact skin and offers consumers some truly effective skin care products: this is the line Skin. For daily hydration we recommend the use of a moisturizing cream with UVA / UVB protection factor 30, long-lasting formulation with vitamins B3, C and E, with aloe, cucumber and peptide. In just 7 days you can already notice the first improvements for wrinkle reduction and increase in the brightness of the complexion. For complete and total cleansing, Microperle is available, a smoothing cleansing gel that reduces surface sebum, removes impurities and revives the complexion, with jojoba extract, antioxidant vitamins and citrus oil. These and many other skin care products day after day, without having to resort to extreme and expensive remedies. A few small daily gestures for a young and relaxed face!teso!

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