How to build our 'blue years' well

Diet tips
Come costruire bene i nostri 'anni azzurri'
What we bring to the table day after day heavily affects our immune defenses, bones and muscles. The effects of an unbalanced and careless diet continue, unfortunately, over time, and therefore, especially with the arrival of the third season of our life, we must take action as soon as possible. The changes in our immune defenses mainly occur due to an unhealthy diet, which modifies the response of our genes. They are called changesi epigenetics, and last over time, even after having altered the food, switching to a healthy and genuine diet. Paying some attention to what you eat, therefore, becomes the fundamental element to treat us against the ailments that advanced age can cause to help the body defend itself from external attacks. By providing a balanced diet with all the substances necessary for our body, we can over time make up for all the deficiencies that our inattention has caused over the months and years. We must vary our food plan trying to strengthen the muscular and skeletal structure, and increase defenses by avoiding as much as possible the intake of too many saturated fats and sugars, while maximizing the quantity of nutrients and fundamental substances such as vitamins, proteins and minerals. Surely even moderate but constant physical activity can reactivate the microcirculation and also the transformation of food into beneficial substances. A nice morning walk is good for children, adults and the elderly.iane.

What to eat to feel better

For years, nutritionists have advised us to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day; which means at least two fruits and three courses including salads, tomatoes, carrots and so on. A varied, colorful diet full of healthy but delicious recipes will be a panacea for our general well-being. It is also advisable to plan the consumption of these essential foods at least once a week:
  • garlic, for its high content of antimicrobial allicino)
  • carrots, egg yolks and pumpkin, for the high beta-carotene content that keeps our cells fully functional in association with vitamin AA
  • salmon, rich in vitamin D which helps us avoid respiratory infections
  • dried fruit, which thanks to vitamin E protects us from external attacks
  • fruits rich in vitamin C, such as raisins, currants, kiwis and orangese
  • foods rich in active probiotics, such as yogurt, present in the intestinal tract and which transform foods into nutrients
  • foods rich in proteins, the so-called building blocks of our muscles and without which we could not livere

Herbalife's answer

The company has been trying for years to overcome all food shortages or due to diseases that occur in many subjects, even apparently healthy. Food nowadays no longer contains a lot of nutrients due to the impoverishment and exploitation of the land; therefore suggests some supplements that will support our body even in the most difficult moments. Let's talk about the vegetable proteins contained in the productto Formula 1, a meal replacement to be used also for breakfast, to support the muscles even in the most difficult moments; but the company also offers the Multivitamin F2, with 11 vitamins, 12 minerals and lots of folic acid, to better deal with seasonal ailments and find more energy throughout the day. Finally, it existsLift-off, an energy drink that contains 100 of the RDA of vitamins C and B, to avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies and to face the days with greater vigor..

to know more…

The recommended daily amount(RDA as an acronym forRecommended Daily Allowance) it is the minimum daily dose that must be introduced, and is usually used for vitamins and minerals. In supplements this reference is often indicated and the quantity of nutrients is controlled and established by the Ministry of Health, which avoids excessive accumulation. L’ULinstead, an acronym fortolerable Upper intake Level, represents the level of maximum tolerable intake by the human body in relation to a certain vitamin or mineral. And the maximum daily amount below which no side effects are noted.i.

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