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Combattere le rughe con Herbalife
Wrinkles, as we know, are bitter enemies of people, especially women and at the first appearance, we run for cover. Fighting wrinkles is important to improve your physical appearance.

What are wrinkles?

They are folds or furrows that form on the surface of the skin made inelastic and dry by the passage of time.

How are wrinkles formed?

In addition to the natural aging process, the causes of the appearance of these blemishes are due to environmental and genetic factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress and exposure to the sun. Even the lack of elastin, a protein that is used for the softness of the skin, has a certain role, causing the increase in volume of the skin and phenomena, such as a double chin. Wrinkles are divided into four types: expression lines, also known as muscle-mimic wrinkles, are furrows that form on the skin of the face and are caused by the action of various expressions exerted by the mimic muscles. Some people have a face full of folds or wrinkles that express all kinds of emotions: anger, joy, stress, resentment, bitterness and the character itself.
  • Wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging and withering of the skin are the expression of the normal organic decay that occurs over the years.
  • Gravitational wrinkles or folds of muscle skin laxity are originally caused by aging as the elastic fibers and collagen bundles of the dermis lose their tone.
  • Actinic or skin texture wrinkles are those furrows caused by the loss of elasticity caused by ultraviolet rays and give the skin an appearance that is defined as "parchment or creased"; they are visible above all in the elderly or even in young subjects with a phototype one and two.
  • Sleep wrinkles are linked to a certain prolonged nocturnal posture; over time, these become permanent.

The Herbalife solution to fight wrinkles



To remedy the problem of wrinkles and prevent them, there is a truly effective product and it is the Wrinkle Reducer Serum at Herbalife. It is a multifunctional serum capable of reducing the visible signs of aging, it is clinically and dermatologically tested, it is suitable for all skin types and without added parabens. The highlight of this serum is that it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly improves skin's softness, smoothness, radiance, radiance and color in just 7 days.

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