Fighting the signs of aging with nutrition

Diet tips
Combattere i segni del tempo con l'alimentazione
For years now, some daily habits are at the top of the battalion we fight wrinkles! Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, eating fruit and vegetables are essentially the main tips that are provided to us by magazines, specific books, TV interviews and so on to fight the signs of aging..

Skin-saving foods

Let's analyze how we can really fight the early signs of aging directly at the table, and why:
  • Thegreen leafy vegetables, in addition to enriching your body with many mineral salts and vitamins, they contain a particular substance, lutein, which is able to counteract the formation of free radicals created by exposure to the sun; essentially it manages to protect the skin and keep it elastic and vitale
  • Fruit, but in particular thecitrus fruits they should also be consumed daily thanks to a high content of antioxidants and vitamin C, excellent for restoring radiance to a slightly gray and dull complexiono
  • THEberries they are other excellent allies for maintaining the tone of all skin tissues, thanks to silicic acido
  • Thecocoa it is rich in substances that can improve skin microcirculation, thus helping to oxygenate cells efficiently, thanks to flavonols
  • Therepumpkin is a great ally of the skin, due to its high content of vitamin A similar to carrots, which fights free radicals and smoothes the skin, eliminating the imperfections of timepo
Another very important tip to combat the signs of aging is to avoid smoking as much as possible, of course, and to try to live a peaceful and not too hectic everyday life. These are many beautiful words, but it is not always possible to put them into practice in the daily grind..

Herbalife's proposal to fight the signs of aging




To help the skin to invigorate itself and improve constantly, a truly effective signature formulation is bornHerbalife, which supports the benefits of vitamin B3 and antioxidants C and E with the action of Aloe for a radiant and smooth complexion. Thel Herbalife Skin Wrinkle Reducing Serum goes to operate on softness and freshness first, e in just 7 days blemishes and wrinkles will also be thinned or disappear completely. And a revolutionary serum e dermatologically tested; an important reduction of the signs of aging is highlighted in a few days; used together with a regular, varied diet that includes the aforementioned foods, it can really make a difference!!

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