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Hypercholesterolemia is an excess of fatty substances in the blood. Cholesterol is very important and is present and fundamental in various metabolic and non-metabolic processes of our body. For example, it promotes the production of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium in the bones, forms steroid hormones and stimulates lipid metabolism. Lipoproteins are particular particles that carry cholesterol in the blood and can be classified as:
  • LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), or low density, which are harmful to human health, as they transport the cholesterol synthesized by the liver to all other organs
  • HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), or high density, which cleanse the body of all excess cholesterol, returning it to the liver which will eliminate it
When values are high The sum of LDL and HDL cholesterol must remain below a certain threshold, i.e. 200 mg/dl. When it exceeds it, the fat deposits in the arteries forming plaques (or atheromas) defined as 'arteriosclerotic' which gradually prevent the correct flow of blood, thus causing heart attacks and other very serious cardiovascular problems. The causes of hypercholesterolemia Cholesterol is produced by the liver, and introduced through a diet particularly rich in animal fats (cheese, butter, meat, eggs, etc.). High cholesterol can also be hereditary and genetic. There are some conditions that further undermine health and they are menopause and pregnancy. Not to forget other triggering factors such as diabetes, excessive sedentary lifestyle and obesity. How to prevent high blood fat levels Generally, subjects with hypercholesterolemia do not know they have it, since the symptoms are not clearly identifiable, sometimes practically nil. A very simple blood test can reveal the real levels of HDL and LDL in a person's bloodstream. Surely high cholesterol is fought first of all at the table: green light to fruit, vegetables, vegetable proteins, lean fish and white meats. Instead, limit the cheeses and toppings. Regular, albeit light, physical activity is also an excellent ally in the fight against hypercholesterolemia, not to mention abstaining from smoking and also from alcohol consumption. Herbalife's answer For years, the company has been studying and analyzing the problem of high cholesterol, which affects 25% of women and 21% of men in Italy alone. This percentage, in women, increases considerably after 50 (the cause is menopause). With these not exactly edifying premises, Herbalife has introduced on the market an optimal preparation capable of reducing the levels of LDL in the blood. This product is called Beta Heart, and is a drink preparation rich in oat beta glucans, useful in the fight against high cholesterol levels. Rich source of fiber and protein, it will also help obese people gradually reduce the extra pounds. This phenomenal supplement can be consumed in conjunction with drugs normally prescribed by your doctor (statins, niacin, fibrates or acid bile sequestrants), which however bring with them numerous side effects, completely non-existent in Beta Heart.

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