Chocolate on a diet:here's what to prefer

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Cioccolato a dieta: ecco che cosa preferire
Chocolate is a food we can hardly resist. A temptation even for the most loyal in following the diet, chocolate is on sale in the form of bars, pralines and other types ofconfectionery. But it is possible to eat chocolate on a diet or it is a food that should be avoided as much as possible. The answer is yes, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

Chocolate: a food that is good for you but…

Chocolate, unlike what we can imagine, is a food that is good for you, thanks to the antioxidant properties of cocoa. Furthermore, it is useless to deny it: theremakes you happier, thanks to the stimulation that cocoa performs on the production of serotonin. However, when we choose to eat chocolate, we often get tempted by very greedy and unhealthy choices. This is why it is important to understand which type of chocolate to eat so as not to frustrate our dieting efforts.

Chocolate: dark is better

For the choice of chocolate, the golden rule is: the less sugar and additives there are, the better. The best chocolate we can eat is dark chocolate, where there is the highest concentration of cocoa with the least amount of sugar possible. Among the best possible choices, 90 dark chocolate, although not everyone can appreciate such strong and not very sweet chocolates. In general, the choice of dark chocolate allows us to reduce the damage of sugar on our line and to increase the benefits of cocoa. Milk chocolate is already a very sweet variant that should be avoided as much as possible, except in the case of exceptional mistakes. Same thing for the absolute worst choice in terms of diet, or white chocolate: in fact, pure sugar, where cocoa is not even present! The most valuable choice or dark chocolate is also the healthiest one, the least valuable one or white, which is not even technically chocolate, lacking cocoa is also the least  

Chocolate: pay attention to the quantities

As always, it is important not to overdo the doses in the diet. The choice of dark chocolate does not exempt us from moderating its consumption, trying to limit it: bingeing on 90 cocoa chocolate would not help our diet in any case. If you really can't do without chocolate and perhaps prefer something sweeter, it is certainly better to indulge in a few pieces of milk or white chocolate one day a week, rather than binge on dark chocolate every day. Chocolate, a food that everyone really likes! Why remove it from the diet, when we can delight the palate and benefit from this tasty dessert Provided, as always, to moderate its consumption.o.

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