What is the Goherbalife platform for selling Herbalife Online products?

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Che cos'è la piattaforma Goherbalife per vendere i prodotti Herbalife Online?

What is Goherbalifee?

Goherbalife is the new online platform granted by Herbalife Nutrition to all of its independent distributors to make online sales.Goherbalife.com allows you to bring people and customers to a site through which Herbalife will directly take care of placing orders and shipments. It is a great simplification for us, but also for the customer who can rely directly on a large multinational. The goherbalife domain contains the sites of all the independent distributors who have chosen to activate the domain online. It is completely free for us, and we can direct our customers to make purchases directly on this site. As you probably know, Herbalife Nutrition is a leading company in the meal replacement and nutritional supplement industry that does not have its own physical stores and sells exclusively through an independent network of distributors. We are among these distributors.

What is our goherbalife?

All the sites of the independent distributors on goherbalife have a domain name composed as follows: nomesceltodaldistributore.goherbalife.com Our site on the goherbalife platform ishttps://shopprodottionline.goherbalife.com The https letters preceding the domain indicate that the protocol through which data is exchanged on the network is encrypted and therefore super-secure: the s after lhttps stands for per secure. As you can easily check, our products-dietahlife.it site is also completely safe. We care about the safety of our customers. The user experience for the Herbalife customer is equally enjoyable. The moment you find yourself on the our goherbalife site, you will have to register in order to view the prices: just click on the blue button at the top right and follow the very fast procedure which consists, as usual, in filling in a form in which to provide your name and email. This is the only action you need to take and then you are completely online! Once registered you will be completely free to browse the site and make the purchases you want. The most convenient thing you can find on the site is certainly the perfectly ordered and updated catalog of all Herbalife products. Try now, click on https://shopprodottionline.goherbalife.com and register in a few moments by pressing the button indicated by the arrow in the image below..goherbalife immagine e link alla pagina di registrazione By clicking on the image you will be taken back to the registration page on our Goherbalife / caption platform]

The differences between our site and the goherbalife platform

However, there are some differences between our products-dietahlife.it site and thegoherbalife site. Before telling you what the differences are, don't get confused, I remind you that the products are exactly the same, at the same prices. For the customer, there is no factual difference between purchasing Herbalife products online on our site or on that ofa goherbalife platform. This split is solely due to internal organizational reasons of the Herbalife Nutrition company. After these premises, we can finally show you what are the differences between our site and the goherbalife platform.

1. Personalized articles and advice on our Herbalife product site

For twenty years we have been selling Herbalife products online offering constant customer support. On our site you can find numerous articles that guide you in using Herbalife products, fitness tips, good habits to stay healthy and much more. The goherbalife site, on the other hand, does not allow the introduction of original content or even the customization of the layout graphics, but guarantees the security that only a multinational company with a turnover of 30 billion dollars a year can offer. On the other hand, this site also allows you to read articles not written by us of great interest on nutritional and fitness issues and for the management of good health in general.rale.

2. Shipping managed directly from Herbalife Italia warehouses

Placing an order on the goherbalife site means having access to a fully automated shipment of the products: once the order has been placed, it will be instantly taken over by the Herbalife Nutrition warehouse logistics system which will proceed with the shipment. On our site, the situation is not very different: when an order is registered online, we receive a notification and from there we immediately proceed to place the order at the Herbalife Italia warehouses through the online management software offered by the Herbalife company. In short, by ordering on the goherbalife site, you have the possibility of having an advance shipment of a couple of minutes! But in a world where everything moves quickly, even two minutes can count. If you place an order in the evening, for example, it is possible that those few moments allow your product to get on the last shipping truck and to receive the product even the following morning! They are more unique than rare cases, but they can happen, and if it is possible to anticipate the receipt of a product, why not do itrlo?

3. Payment methods: bank transfer, bulletin and postepay recharge available only on our site

A major flaw of the goherbalife site concerns the availability of only two payment methods: paypal and credit card. The same payment methods are also available on the site you are currently browsing, but you can also have all deferred payments such as bank transfer, postal order and postepay recharge. The goherbalife site does not provide for the possibility of deferred payments: the fully automated procedures prevent the verification of the credits and the start of the shipment. On our site, on the other hand, it is sufficient to place the order, choose the preferred payment method and then also bank transfer, postepay recharge and postal order and when you have made the payment, just notify us by phone at the toll-free number 800-66.2.448 also free by mobile phone, or if you prefer by email by writing todo a info@iodieta.com. Also tell us your order number or name to identify your order for Herbalife products. As soon as we have verified the credit of the amount we will proceed with the shipment. Having multiple payment methods available is a convenience that unfortunately the spread of digital technology is canceling in favor of increasingly immediate and totally electronically managed payments. But not everyone is happy this way! In any case, even on goherbalife you will find all the contacts to communicate with us, in case you have lost them or are no longer able to reach us on our site.o.

Continue to visit our site or go to goherbalife: always online!

So the choice is yours!

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