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When we talk about stress, we are referring to a physical and psychological condition that each of us faces sooner or later, especially when big changes occur in our lives, but also due to a too hectic routine or full of work or family responsibilities. When stress is momentary, it can also be a stimulus to better deal with a particular situation, but when it persists over time, it can cause serious and compromising damage, such as various heart diseases, depression and even cancer. The most common and normal reaction of our body in front of a moment of stress is an increase in heart rate, excessive sweating and muscle tension. After facing the difficult situation, our body relaxes slowly, the beats return to normal, as well as blood pressure and muscle tension..

Positive stress and negative stress

It may happen that you experience these symptoms before an important meeting, a presentation of a project, a work difficulty or a demanding task. This is called acute stress, and is considered positive by researchers, not harmful at all. But if the perceived stress condition is almost continuous, our body is never able to relax. Here we are faced with the so-called chronic or negative stress. The most common symptoms of chronic stress are the following:enti:
  • Headache
  • Muscle tension
  • Shaking hands
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Burning or knot in the stomach
  • Bad digestion
  • Irritability
  • Concern
  • Anxiety
  • Hostility
  • Poor concentration

How to fight chronic stress

There is no magic formula to totally eliminate those unpleasant sensations from our body and mind. There are, however, lifestyles and supplements that can give us a hand at least in alleviating the most annoying symptoms. Surely all our psychophysical well-being starts from a healthy diet; it must be varied, never boring, genuine, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Saturated fats and refined sugars slow down metabolism and make us feel worse. The importance of a good restful rest is underlined by several studies; Stressed people, however, tend to have greater difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep for at least 7-8 hours a night. Herbalife wants to help these subjects in this sense, with a new product made in innovative and constantly updated laboratories: let's talk about Restore 24, a supplement to be taken in the evening before going to sleep, as it stimulates the body to relax during the night. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E, to increase the immune system and reduce the oxidative stress of the cells. It also contains a particular element, thel Lactium, a cutting-edge bioactive peptide, made from casein proteins.

How Lactium Works

This substance stimulates the brain's GABA-A receptors by inhibiting anxiety and stress. Its relaxing properties have been proven in numerous tests. Here are some examples: By taking a 150mg dose of Lactium that contained in theel Restore 24), there was an improvement in:
  • sleep problems 666%)
  • overhangs 9595%)
  • concentration 1399%)
  • digestion 1455%)
In a nutshell, it has been shown that this substance greatly reduces sleep problems especially in anxious individuals, does not give feelings of loss typical of sleeping pills and makes you remain alert during the day. It is therefore able to restore a psychophysical balance in stressed subjects, improving their quality of life, in the family and in the workplace.o.

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