White meat or red meat?

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Carne bianca o carne rossa?
White or red meat? Whenever we are interested in the principles of diets, nutritional tables, advice for healthy eating, we come across pages and pages that denigrate red meat in favor of white meat. We try to understand the reasons.

The benefits of white meat

When we talk about white meat, we mean rabbit, chicken and turkey meat together. It is these three animals that provide it to us, so it is immediately evident that a diet based solely on white meat would leave little food choice and little stimulus for creativity. In fact, however, white meat is very rich in so-called 'noble' proteins, and in 'branched' amino acids, a lot of iron (practically identical to red meat) and low in fat. This means that a portion of this type of meat allows us to form hormones and enzymes, to renew tissues and to efficiently dispose of toxins within the body. White meat is recommended during diets aimed at weight loss, thanks to the low fat content (especially in the skin, which can be easily removed before or after cooking). The cholesterol contained in 100g grams of chicken or turkey is very minimal and the fat composition is similar to that of vegetable fats rather than animal fats.

Pros and cons of red meat

Let's move on to the 'devil' on our tables: red meat, i.e. beef, pork, game, horse and veal. The taste is usually very tempting, and we Italians, unfortunately, make a reckless use of it. There are numerous pathologies linked to the excessive intake of red meat, such as osteoporosis, gout, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases… and so on. This happens because inside these meats there are a lot of animal proteins (harmful if taken in excessive quantities) and a lot of saturated fats that raise cholesterol levels. It must be emphasized, however, that eating a beef or horse steak two or three times a week does not trigger the onset of any disease. Problems arise if this intake becomes clearly excessive, or if, while remaining at these levels, it is then associated with many other proteins, too many fats (deriving above all from unhealthy cooking) or chronic sedentary lifestyle. Red meat should be consumed as part of a correct diet and associated with a healthy and active lifestyle. White meat, on the other hand, is also served quietly in hospitals, where people are often still in bed.

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