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THEhair i ammirror of the health of the organismo of a person and need continuous specific attention to appear healthy, thick and shiny. For the Navajo Indians, hair represents the part of the body closest to thoughts; hair says a lot, indeed a lot, about the person it belongs to. Hair speaks, it is an organ of our body language, confirms psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli. This is why it is definitely important to take care of hair healthi

The structure of the hair

The hair is formed by a visible part, which is the hair shaft, and an invisible part, inserted in the dermis and is divided into three parts. The deepest is the lower segment where the bulb and the papilla are located, which serves to ensure growth with nourishment to the hair cells. Immediately above the lower segment is lymphatic and above it again is lymphundibulum. The hair is composed of three concentric zones: the medulla, which is the innermost and is responsible for the growth of the hair; the cortex, which is the intermediate area and gives volume to the hair and finally the cuticle, which is the outermost part and is made up of imbricated cellste

The enemies of hair

Aunregulated life, hormonal problems, air pollution, stress and accumulated tension are producers offree radicals, which act in a harmful way on the hair bulb thus damaging the vitality of the scalp and therefore on the health of the hair. Every day, on average, it is estimated that 50 to 100 hairs are lost and this phenomenon is accentuated in spring and autumn. Symptoms that reveal poor scalp health are dull color, cracking tendency, poor resistance, scalp irritability and increased sebum secretion. To havebright, strong and voluminous hair it is necessary to intervene from within by adopting a diet rich in fruits and vegetables Seasonal. Vitamins and antioxidants help keep the scalp healthy while a good onesupply of minerals and proteins, give oxygen to cells, including the hair bulbs and contribute to the beauty of the hair and promote hair growth.

Types of hair

Hair can be normal, dry and oily. For normal hair they synthesize healthy hair, neither dry nor greasy; to keep them as such, it is necessary to use non-aggressive shampoos that strengthen and nourish them without drying them out or weakening them. Dry hair occurs when the sebaceous glands no longer produce sufficient sebum and split ends are created and the hair tends to knot and break easily: even prolonged exposure to the sun and wind, chlorine and continuous dyes can worsen the situation. Oily hair is due to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, with the production of excess sebum that is deposited on the hair with the result of apparently greasy and dirty hair, even if it has been recently washed, and limp; when you have this type of hair, it is better not to overdo it with washing so as not to stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands. For each type of hair, there are a myriad of specific products on the market, from shampoo to conditioner, to cream, but almost all of these products contain chemicals that could be harmful.

The Herbalife solution



Herbalife proposes the lineHerbal Aloe shampoo isfortifying balm. The shampoo leaves the hair healthier, softer and silky from the first application, reduces hair breakage by 90, protects, repairs and strengthens the hair and protects the color. The conditioner strengthens the hair and gives a sense of softness and silkiness from the first application, making it healthier and softer..

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