Good resolutions: here's how to make them last all year round!

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Buoni propositi: ecco come farli durare tutto l'anno!
New Year New Life, said the ancients. History repeats itself every year: January begins to loom and everyone is ready, like toy soldiers, to draw up (mentally or physically, with pen and paper in hand) the list of good intentions for the new year. Having a beautiful, tonic, energetic and healthy body is something that everyone really aspires to and it is no coincidence that "getting back in shape" is one of the most popular good intentions. Adults, adolescents or the elderly: little changes! Anyone would like improve your well-being or, if already active and properly nourished, exploit it to achieve new goals in sport. But how to set some concrete good intentions, to last all year round? Here are our tips!

Good intentions? Few things, but good

In a nutshell: no unattainable goals and no absurd sacrifices. Accepting yourself, not being too rigid with yourself, always leads to having the best and most lasting results. Try to set unattainable goals and potentially "insignificant" goals. In a few weeks, you will understand the difference between the two for yourself. With the former you will be tempted to give up at the first difficulty, with the latter the goal will be so trivial to carry on that you will find yourself making it a habit, and indeed, in the long run you will see it as indispensable routine!

Useful substitutions

In this regard, we can suggest some useful substitutions that will help you better understand what we mean e make your good intentions more achievable. Paper and pen in hand, therefore, and start replacing:
  • "I will eat a healthy diet all year round" -> "I will strive to have a balanced breakfast every morning for a year"
  • "I will play sports for 40 minutes every day" -> "I will try to keep active every day by limiting the use of means of transport"
  • "I will take at least one vacation away from everyone" -> "I will make an effort to carve out a few hours a week dedicated to relaxation, away from sources of stress"
It already seems easier that way, doesn't it? ;)

Reward yourself, always!

Reward yourself. Reward yourself with a small gift, which could mean buying a new dress, giving yourself a 48-hour holiday, hit and run, or dedicating yourself topurchase of products to take care of your skin and pamper yourself a bit. Every conquest should be celebrated. Did you want to not skip breakfast for a year and have you already succeeded for the first three months? THANK YOU. Plan for rewards (to which, watch out, you will not have access unless you respect the objectives you have set yourself!) it is the first road to success.

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