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Herbalife does not sell its Herbalife products directly, it does not own physical stores: Herbalife sells exclusively through its authorized distributors. A network of millions of distributors around the world intent on spreading the Herbalife message

How Herbalife Italia retailers work?

Authorized distributors, such as us, make a request to Herbalife Italia S.p.a, sign aregular employment contract. They then receive an initial authorization to purchase discounted products for personal use by Herbalife Italia. Before authorizing direct sales to the public, the Herbalife company conducts further research on the signer of the contract. Thus you can find that it is completely clean from the point of view of criminal offenses and debt free. The economic and social status of the retailer must be completely immaculate. Once the reliability of the retailer has been proven, a plastic card with an internal identification code is delivered to the home. This is what authorizes both door-to-door and online resale.. Without the possession of this card you cannot sell. When an employee commits an incorrectness, his card is revoked and he can no longer buy the products or, consequently, resell them. In this way system the system is kept clean, the sellers sell exclusively at the price indicated by the company, discounts and above all increases are avoided. There is a complete control also thanks to the fact that all products have codes. The codes allow you to track the seller of every single Herbalife product on the market.

The sale of Herbalife products on online e-commerce

The Herbalife company allows sales to distributors also through online sitese. There must be no advertising on the site, nor can any type of product of different product category be sold. The sale is managed by a single person in charge who takes all responsibility for the products sold. TheGold Member guarantees oblige the retailer tofull refund of the dissatisfied customer that returns the product even when the jar is empty.

The sale of Herbalife products is prohibited on generic e-commerce

Herbalife prohibits the sale of products on generic sites such as eBay and Amazon. For 20 years now, eBay has made it easy to find branded shoes, clothes that look like brand names, which are actually counterfeits that sell for a third of the market price. Of course you can find original products, discounted a little. If you buy too low, you are bound to be a scam. There is a big health risk in the food supplement department.

Buying Herbalife products from unregulated markets is risky to health

Many products on generalist sites save money by marketing products from the Indian market. By indicating an invented Italian name on these sites, a number that begins with a foreign prefix relating to India or in any case to Asian countries. Try to call that number: either no one will answer you, or, at most, someone who has difficulty speaking Italian will answer you.. These products have not been authorized by the Italian health ministry,and in the vast majority of cases, due to obvious logistical difficulties, they are close to expiry or have already expired. Sometimes they are totally counterfeit. The problem is that even if they were not counterfeit, the long import journey made necessary by the great distances from India takes place in non-air-conditioned containers and in absolutely unfavorable conditions for the preservation of food products. Imagine a container that has to travel thousands of kilometers facing the tropical seas that temperatures can reach! 50 and beyond which are certainly not good for delicate food products. Even if they traveled only in Italy, an unsettled van would have temperatures above the recommended onese The product arrives without nutritional properties, upset organoleptic properties, and sometimes uncontrolled chemical interactions can create toxic substances.

Where do Herbalife Italia authorized dealers ship from

Herbalfe authorized dealersthey ship exclusively from Herbalife Italy headquarters; the products are stored at controlled temperature and humidity, in the absence of light, with a maximum temperature of 24 degrees. During the summer period, July and August, Herbalife Italia ships withrefrigerated express courier, in order to maintain the cold chain: protein bars and formula 1 bars in the summer must necessarily be stored in cold storage.When ordering Herbalife products online, you must always understand who the seller is. On any site you are, always look for the dealer code: in this way you will have the guarantee on the quality of the goods you are buying. By calling Herbalife Italia S.p.a, it will be sufficient to communicate the code found on the site to the customer service employee. He can then confirm our identity, or that of the dealer you contacted.

How to verify the identity of the Herbalife Italy retailera

Write on GoogleHerbalife Italy Rome, you will find the following number as a customer service contact06 52 30 44 44 contactablefrom 8.30 to 17.30 every weekday. Simply communicate that you are about to make a purchase and want to verify that the seller is really affiliated with Herbalife. Report the seller's code and they will confirm that our code matchesSecondina Staffolini from MilanOur Herbalife Code is 25717606. It is also important for us that you report any incorrectness found on other sites, in order to ensure maximum consumer safety. Herbalife was invented by its founder Mark Hughes in the early 1980s, it is the world's largest seller of meal replacement products in 93 countries around the world, with a turnover of 6 billion euros per year.

Herbalife Italia products are quality products and contain only natural extracts

Mark Hughes invented Herbalife because his grandmother died from a diet of dangerous products. To prevent such a situation from happening again in the future, he invented a line of products containing only natural ingredients extracted from plants, fruit and vegetables. Herbalife products are healthy products, far from chemistry, from anorectics, from all those substances such as amphetamines, which are very bad. These are products from which the world population could only derive benefits, not only in terms of weight but also overall health. The spread of a healthy lifestyle, flanked by regular sporting activity, with specific factors such as cholesterol control, external nutrition of hair, skin, nails. The intimate desire to guide others towards well-being at 360 degrees. Now Herbalife has grown. Herbalife Nutrition helps professions, sports, champions in football and basketball Cristiano Ronaldo is the main sponsor, formerly Leo Messi and Olympic athletes. Therefore buying products hoping to save something, altering a product, goes against the principles of the company, hurting both the buyer and the name of the company.da.

Our Contacts and the number of Herbalife Italia S.p.a.

Contact us at 800 529710 for any information. Free toll-free number also by mobile phone. All our contacts in the sectione Who we areTel 06Herbalife Italy Rome 52 30 44 44 customer service of Herbalife Italia S.p.a., Rome office Our Herbalife reseller code: 2571760606

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