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Beta Heart: un Cuore Sano
Herbalife has thought of formulating a useful product to compensate for many heart problems, lowering blood cholesterol. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. In addition, more than 4.5 of the world's population dies from high cholesterol. To date, however, you can run for cover by relying on a serious and competent company like Herbalife, using this truly innovative product, also stimulated by the words of the vice president and management director of Herbalife EMEA, Edi HIenrich, who emphasizes when the new formulation is at the Beta Heart.

What Beta Heart looks like

It is a vanilla powder preparation with which a tasty drink is prepared containing a particular and essential ingredient, that is a source of oat beta-glucan called Oatwell. It is precisely this substance that manages to lower the levels of lipids in the arteries, the main cause of heart attack and stroke. 55 clinical studies performed on this component have given the desired results, namely a surprising decrease in blood cholesterol. For decades, the Herbalife company has been promoting good health and continuously investing in innovations and scientific discoveries for improved and beneficial products for everyone's health. Here are the main features of this product::
  • Sugar free
  • With only 25 calories per tablespoon
  • Rich in protein and fiber
  • With 1.5 grams of beta-glucan for each dose
Two daily doses should be consumed using plain water, unsweetened fruit juice, or a smoothieFormula 1and dissolving a measuring spoon. LEFSA is the European Food Safety Authority, and in the face of the beneficial properties of oat beta-glucans, has expressed positive scientific opinions, which confirm these advantages. These substances are not only able to maintain the optimal level of lipids in the blood, but also to significantly lower them.e.

Tips for a healthier heart

In addition to the daily use of Beta Heart, doctors around the world recommend that you exercise moderately, quit smoking, consume little alcohol, limit the use of salt and fats such as fried food, and try to keep blood sugar and fat levels at bay.

What exactly are beta-glucans?

They are soluble fibers contained in oat bran which, when digested, release gelatinous molecules of beta-glucans, which trap fats making them poorly absorbable. The cholesterol that is thus bound with the gel will not remain in the blood but will be eliminated..

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