Benefits of a walk in the open air? Here are 10!

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Benefici di una camminata all'aria aperta? Eccone 10!
Swimming, tennis, gymnastics, dance, football and many more. Each of us has played sports at least once in our lives. But have you ever wondered what the benefits of a walk in the open air are? I bet not, let's see it together!

To walk? Here are the benefits of a walk in the open air

Walk at a moderate pace for at least half an hour a day it is one of the cornerstones that can guarantee us well-being for life. But why is it so good? What are the benefits of walking outdoors?
  1. It's free

    Walking is the cheapest sport that exists: it does not require any specific skills or an available gym, but only a pair of comfortable shoes!
  2. Everyone can do it

    Adults, children and the elderly. Anyone with any physical condition can enjoy the benefits of walking outdoors without having to worry about fatigue or the possibility of damaging their joints. After all, there is no more natural movement!
  3. Reduces stress

    Well yes: walking allows you to meditate, relax, reconnect with yourself and take time to love and listen to yourself. A true psychological therapy at no cost.
  4. It's good for the heart

    Among the major benefits of a walk in the open air we have an improvement in the cardio-circulatory endurance capacity. The best way to arrive healthy and active even at an advanced age.
  5. Improve tissue oxygenation

    If walking itself carries oxygen to the tissues, including peripheral ones, by toning the skin and giving it a healthier appearance, the benefits of a walk in the open air are even greater. For those who have the opportunity to walk in a park, by the sea or in a low-polluted area, it's even better.
  6. Helps to lose weight

    Walking increases NEAT (calorie expenditure from non-exercise activities). Walking at a leisurely pace, in fact, we will hardly reach a heartbeat threshold that sends us into "fat burning" mode, but we will still increase our caloric expenditure and, in the long run, with the same diet, we will lose more weight!
  7. Prevents senile dementia

    Do you remember the story of tissue oxygenation? It also applies to the brain, which is the organ that benefits the most.
  8. Improve productivity

    A walk during your lunch break or between lessons allows you to return to work more relaxed and focused, ready to give your best.
  9. Wake up the thyroid

    Yes, because it awakens the metabolism.
  10. Allows you to socialise

    Among the most underrated benefits of a walk in the open air is the possibility of making new encounters and acquaintances.
Once you return from your walk, however, don't forget to restore your strength with one light carbohydrate snack, a must after physical activity!

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