Increase the immune system in the bad season

Diet tips
Aumentare le difese immunitarie nella cattiva stagione
The danger of contracting seasonal flu in winter is always lurking, and the only remedy to be given is to not arrive in the colder months without energy and with few active nutrients in the body. There are some tips and rules to follow, valid for adults, children and the elderly, to increase the immune defenses in order to fight viruses, germs and bacteria typical of the coldest period of the

Foods to prefer

Fermented foods, rich in probiotics, guarantee a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine, an organ on which all the efficiency and effectiveness of our immune system depends. Then we have whole grains, fresh yeast, wheat germ, oil seeds and vegetables that guarantee a good level of immunoprotective B vitamins. Vitamin C also stimulates the immune system and is found in kiwis, oranges, peppers, tomatoes and berries. Beta-carotene, an excellent ally to keep viruses and bacteria at bay, is contained in carrots, squash, melon and apricots. Always remember to eat the peels of the fruits, if edible, and not to forget also some mineral salts that are effective to keep us always in good health, such as selenium, zinc, iron present especially in molluscs, cabbage, legumes and seeds. oily. oleosi.


Let's not forget that seasonal influences and ailments are not only kept under control at the table, but also by changing the lifestyle in general. For example, the hours allowed for night sleep should be increased, bringing them to at least 7-8 hours per night more in children. Meal times should be kept constant where possible, and we strongly advise against skipping any meals, including breakfast..

Herbalife's answer

All these tips to increase immunity, albeit precious, are sometimes difficult to follow, due to a hectic life, always on the move, to modern technology that leads us to watch TV until late in the evening or play with the smartphone. or to resort to easy and unhealthy foods to overcome the lack of time. This is why Herbalife wants to lend a hand to all the people who are unable to follow, despite themselves, a healthy lifestyle; in fact, for some time now, it has included some interesting formulations in its range of products, useful precisely for strengthening the immune system. We are talking abouti Formula 3, a protein supplement that, with its vegetable proteins derived from soy, promotes the development of lean mass and gives a sense of satiety and energy throughout the day; then we have theMultivitamin F2 which, as the name itself indicates, is rich in vitamins including A, B, C, and E, and over 10 minerals that favor the restoration of barriers against the attack of viruses and bacteria; for an unparalleled antioxidant effect Herbalife proposes Lift-off, a drink enriched with vitamin C with no added sugar, with a refreshing and energetic flavor.

What specifically is the immune systemo?

It is a complex network made up of cellular and chemical mediators that has developed over millions of years, capable of repairing the entire organism, through complicated biological processes, against any form of pathogen, traumatic or infectious agent. These entities to keep away can be viruses, pollutants, toxic or bad bacteria.i’.

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