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The human body is composed largely of water, and is in fact designed to survive without food for weeks; unfortunately the same cannot be said for liquids: in a very short time, two or three days, the organism wastes and dehydrates, soon reaching coma or death. Normally 1.5-2 liters of water per day are recommended but also herbal teas and energy drinks, since it is calculated that in a state of rest under normal environmental conditions, about 60 milliliters of liquids are consumed every hour. The quantity increases slightly according to the type of activity that is taking place, therefore normally reaching about two liters per day. During medium to intense physical activity, fluid loss is up to 25 milliliters per minute. During a heavy workout of about an hour, a sportsman could release a liter and a half of fluids. Why drink before, during and after physical exertion. It is important for a person who has to undergo an intense workout, to start hydrating even before sweating, guaranteeing his body an excellent state of general hydration, thus managing to face the effort without getting dehydrated. At least forty minutes before training or competition, sip water or specific drinks, thus also stimulating diuresis and the disposal of accumulated waste. During sports training or competition, it is essential from time to time to replenish the fluids lost with sweating, so it will be important to keep a bottle with the chosen drink within reach, in order to be comfortable and be able to sip at least 25 cl every twenty minutes . Clearly this measure is standard, and does not take into account environmental conditions and the type of activity. In the same way, after having finished the physical effort, it will be necessary to replenish the fluids for the rebalancing of the whole organism.rganismo.



H24 Hydrate by Herbalife: a valid help for athletes

To compensate for the sudden loss of fluids, and stimulate the athlete to drink a lot, Herbalife offers H24 Hydrate, a formulation specially designed for sports people, who want to maintain healthy hydration within the body, while sipping a pleasant and refreshing drink.e. H24 Hydrate contains 100 of the daily RDA of vitamin C, useful for preventing tiredness and exhaustion, as well as lots of B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.o.

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