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Attività Aerobica e Anaerobica
L’aerobic exercise it requires moderate effort over a prolonged period of time and this category includes swimming, cycling, walking, endurance running, breathless gymnastics and similar activities performed without jerks. In aerobic activity, energy is produced aerobically as long as the oxygen supplied to the muscles during exercise by the cardiovascular system is sufficient. This type of exercise helps to keep the physique healthy; if practiced consistently, it leads to weight loss and body weight control is very important to prevent heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some forms of cancer. It tones the muscles and, by increasing the oxygen demand, strengthens the heart muscle and the breathing muscles, thus reducing pressure and improving blood circulation; it also helps to control anxious and depressive states and to reduce stress. Aerobic activity is recommended for everyone if carried out within the limits of physical ability and based on age. Weight lifting, fast running, jumping, sprinting, are some sports related to anaerobic exercise which is characterized by intense but short-term efforts; for this exercise a little rest is needed before being repeated. During this type of activity, the body needs a large amount of oxygen and energy in the very short period by drawing on all the sugar reserves including those of the muscles and liver, but despite this, the energies are consumed quickly and rest is necessary , while the concentration of lactic acid increases due to the intense work of the muscles. Lmuscoli. L’anaerobic exercise improves heart activity and reduces the risk of suffering injuries due to muscle weakness; involves the increase in the volume of the muscles, increasing their strength and power, strengthens the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. This activity is to be carried out with the help of a coach and is not recommended for those who are not in full health and in old age. To carry out aerobic or anaerobic exercise, it is good to do a warm-up period before starting to prepare the body for the effort and at the end, a cool-down period to relax the muscles and return the body to a state of rest. If you want to reduce body fat, the best training is aerobic because it burns a large amount of calories.alorie.

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