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Aloe Vera pianta delle meraviglie

Aloe vera is a versatile plant. On the market, however, there are all kinds of black sheep, who deceive with their products. What's behind the packaging? Look out for all the interesting details about Aloe Vera products.

I Herbalife Aloe Vera products they are scientifically studied and possess all the advantages of the properties we will examine. Do not you believe it? Keep reading!

Aloe Vera? Wonder plant!

Aloe vera is a true marvel in the plant world. Primarily grown in hot, dry areas, Aloe Vera adapts to harsh climatic conditions with the help of huge water storage capacities.

While aloe vera gel is obtained from the water-rich leaf inside the plant, the juice of the plant comes from the rind of the leaf. The gel can be used for skin problems such as inflammation, wounds, burns, frostbite or insect bites. The juice is also extremely popular as a bowel cleanser.

Aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice

The difference between aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice is basically that the juice is used for internal use and the gel for external application. Aloe vera juice is used in case of constipation to empty the intestines. However, it can irritate the intestinal mucosa, so it should be used once or twice a week at most.

Also, when taking Aloe Vera juice, especially during the first time, you may have problems with falling asleep, but this will disappear during the next treatment.

Aloe Vera ingredients

Experts speak of 400 vital ingredients that are supposed to be present in the aloe vera plant. So far, 160 important ingredients have been detected. The most important ingredients of the aloe vera plant are

Acemannan aldopentose, arabinose, celluslose, galactose, galacturonic acid, glucose, cellulose and many other mono- and polysaccharides

Over 20 amino acids

Enzymes such as lipases, peroxidases or phosphatases

Minerals and trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc or magnesium and calcium

Vitamins B1, B2, B12, B6, C, A o E.

Secondary plant compounds such as tannins, essential oils or saponins and sterols

Applications of aloe vera gel

The areas of application of Aloe Vera Gel are wide and versatile. Applications include:

For the treatment of wounds and burns

Bug bites

Dry skin



Various skin diseases

Can you drink aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera gel can also be taken in the form of so-called drinking gels. These can be purchased in various online shops. However, these gels should not be confused with aloe vera gel, which was created for external use only.

Aloe vera gel for hair

Through the vitalizing and moisturizing effect, Aloe Vera gives dry hair new shine and moisture. Try the our Aloe Vera strengthening balm! The scalp also benefits from the healing and revitalizing effects of aloe vera. It also helps with dandruff and supplies hair with vitamins.

The aloe vera gel it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties. Also, the gel can relieve the itching of insect bites. Salicylic acid, mono- and polysaccharides and amino acids have beneficial effects on application.

Are there any side effects?

According to our research the aloe vera gel is well tolerated for external use, so you cannot expect unwanted side effects in the application. The situation is different with the juice, which has a laxative effect after drinking and can lead to sleep problems.

Can I make aloe vera gel myself?

On the Internet, there are numerous guides for making aloe vera skin care gel. However, the results are guaranteed only by product research: we believe that you should rely on scientifically tested Herbalife products.

Aloe Vera Gel Experiences and Tests - Are Buyers Amazed?

We know that a number of tests have shown that many aloe vera products contain only small amounts of the active ingredient. For this reason, no positive changes could be detected when using it on the skin. In part, environmentally harmful plastics were also found in the products. Only if the active ingredient aloe vera comes first can it be assumed that a high aloe vera content.

For this reason, we recommend buying aloe vera products only in pharmacies and on the our site.

Aloe vera gel experiences

So it often seems only to throw money away if the desired effect is not achieved. This is certainly not true for all products, but there seem to be many suspicious and unreliable offers on the internet. Whether we can now speak of a rip-off, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Where can I buy Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe vera gels can be purchased at a variety of drugstores, on Amazon, or online stores. Go to our product page and buy the tea nowor Aloe Vera gel! There is also a specific gel for the eyes!


Aloe vera gel can be used for a wide range of applications, it is an antibacterial, analgesic and itch inhibiting. However, skin care products that are generally well tolerated should not be confused with others that are less reliable.

Finally, tests have shown that the portion of aloe vera gel from the drugstore usually contains too little active ingredient content, but a high proportion of plastic. For this reason, we recommend that you only buy aloe vera products exclusively from big brands, like ours ;).

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