Targeted nutrition for athletes - what to eat before physical exertion

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Alimentazione mirata per sportivi - cosa mangiare prima dello sforzo fisico
Nutrition is certainly an issue that affects all people; in recent years, however, experts have experimented with sporting individuals decreeing that following a certain type of diet rather than another can really make a difference for the athlete. Training, therefore, to date goes hand in hand with adequate nutrition at the table, both in the type of food introduced, and in the quantities and times. It is necessary to follow one una healthy supply, balanced and structured; Above all, the proteins introduced within 24 hours must be evaluated, since they are an essential part of the tissues and muscles, give energy and increase the lean mass of the athlete. What to eat before training Some types of sports require overwhelming physical effort and hard work even in the training session, as well as in the competition. Before facing these upheavals of the organism, the body must be adequately fed. The athlete's sugar stocks run out quickly and to make up for this lack, the athlete will have to eat carbohydrates, preferably coming from whole grains buckwheat, oats, rice, spelled etc. and from fruit fructose. Timing must also be considered: finding out how many hours the subject will have available to assimilate and digest foods will be of fundamental importance in establishing the types of foods and also the quantities. A big binge an hour before a run, for example, never hasha mai benefited anyone! Here are the best foods before sports Low-fat yogurts, protein shakes, milk and oats, a fruit salad or a light snack such as a protein bar are recommended. If there are at least two hours between the meal and training, you can also opt for a complete meal, as long as it is low in fat and easily digestible, so as not to have difficulties later on. Those who prefer to work out in the morning, absolutely must not skip breakfast, as it is a very important meal that should not be overlooked. The proposal of a Herbalife product Herbalife proposes for athletes a meal replacement that is the result of numerous studies conducted in the most innovative and cutting-edge laboratories around the world: the smoothie Formula 1 PRO, rich in vitamins and minerals and with very few calories 200 per meal. The sportsman will therefore be able to face the day avoiding failures, drops in energy or difficult recoveries after the effort.o.

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