Heat and Heat: Enemies of the Line

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Afa e Calura: Nemiche della Linea
It is important to know which foods are best suited to combat the sultry days, typical of summer both in our peninsula and abroad. The summer heatwave can put a strain on the body, and to fight it we must not simply rely on the air conditioner (if there is any)…! So how can you not be totally knocked out during the hottest days? These tips are clearly suited to young or adult people, certainly not to the elderly who tend to get dehydrated quickly, and it is preferable that they take refuge indoors during the hottest hours. Excessive sweating and the almost total lack of physical activity during the hot summer days are certainly not friends of the figure. The body, among other things, tends to retain liquids inside, especially if we do not hydrate ourselves sufficiently. We are often convinced that we are drinking enough, and instead we are well below the recommended threshold.

How to feed ourselves in the summer

Light and fresh foods should certainly be preferred, first of all fruit and vegetables in season, kept in the refrigerator for greater satisfaction at the time of their consumption, and also to keep them alive and not let them rot in a few hours. Foods rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C are preferable. So go ahead with peaches, cherries, watermelon, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Clearly we cannot feed ourselves exclusively on fruit and vegetables (or at least, not for long periods...) therefore other foods such as cereals should also be introduced into the daily diet, preferably wholemeal and seasoned only with vegetables and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, fish of all kinds as long as they are not fried and lean white meats. The cooking methods must be fast and non-aggressive; better yet to feed mainly on raw or cold foods (salad, cold pasta, rice salad and so on…).

Tips to keep fit

Noting that in the hottest two-three months of the year you can also take a break from long, exhausting runs and particularly tiring sports, all in all, a visit to the gym can still be taken into consideration in the summer, above all because, to date , we are talking about air-conditioned environments and therefore not particularly sultry. There will also be fewer people, so the experience could turn out to be more than positive. We just need to remember constant hydration, carrying around a nice fresh bottle. Herbalife recommends the Herbal Infusion: a fresh, tasty and low-calorie drink, with green tea, black tea, mallow and hibiscus, to promote continuous hydration even in the absence of a thirst stimulus.

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