5 Reasons to start the day with a balanced breakfast

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5 Motivi per iniziare la giornata con la colazione equilibrata
Many children and adults tend, out of laziness or for a short time available, to skip breakfast completely or almost, indulging in a coffee at the bar or before leaving the house. Many believe that a healthy and nutritious breakfast is of vital importance only for children, since they are in a phase of sudden growth, but this is not the case. A healthy dietary education includes 5 meals that you should never skip, and the first and perhaps most important is breakfast.

Why have breakfast?

If you too are part of the group of people who do not have the urge, as soon as they wake up, to eat properly, here are 5 reasons that will make you change your mind about your habits at the table:
  • After about 12 hours of fasting from evening to morning, our body is hungry for nutrients and energy, to recharge after the hard work that HIM had to do during the night; we are resting, it is true, but he is notno
  • At school or in the workplace we will be able to perform better thanks to greater attention and concentration due to the charge of energy granted to us by a balanced breakfast rich in vitamins
  • Even our personal trainer will notice the difference: in the gym the body will perform at 110 if supported by an important and well thought out breakfasta
  • However, it is a free meal, which varies according to taste; obviously you don't need to overdo it, but the calories introduced in the morning will be the bricks to support us for at least three or four hours, and will not make us fatre
  • Having a rich breakfast is a real panacea for the metabolism: after the nocturnal famine and the organism paused as food assimilation, otherwise we would risk arriving at lunch with a wolfish hunger, making some rather harmful choices in terms of food, such as snacks, chips or very fatty dishesi
  Basically, breakfast is the basis of a correct diet on a daily basis and certainly cannot be dismissed with a coffee or a fruit juice A Chinese theory says that every organ reaches the maximum of its activity at a particular time of day ; as far as the digestive system is concerned, the best hours are from 7 to 11 in the morning. In that time period our body is able to transform and digest practically anything, while this capacity gradually becomes less and less going towards evening. Thereforei breakfast as an emperor, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar… following this ideology, it is clear that as soon as you wake up it is the best time to fill up on complex carbohydrates, always better to avoid simple ones, proteins, vitamins and minerals..

Herbalife's proposal

There are some products that are part of a balanced breakfast package and that should not be missing on the table every day. To completely quench your thirst and eliminate toxins, Herbalife recommends thel Concentrated Aloe juicee, a kind of internal rinse to do every morning. For a charge of adrenaline as an alternative to coffee we findthe thermogenic infusiono to purify us, deflate the stomach and fill up with natural caffeine. Finally, the smoothieFormula 1 it will give us everything we need in terms of vitamins, proteins, fibers and minerals to better face the day. Those who are trying to keep excess kilograms in check, the ideal breakfast is almost free of carbohydrates, simple sugars and complexes. Complex carbohydrates areo polysaccharides composed of many sugar molecules, and are much more complex than simple sugars. They are distinguished by both the quality of sugars and the length of thepolymer chain (from ten units up to tens of thousands, with different ramifications. They provide slow-release energy and are great for intestinal transit and for keeping blood glucose and cholesterol levels at bay..

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