4 diet changes to gain muscle mass

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4 cambiamenti nella dieta per aumentare la massa muscolare


Keep your protein intake high throughout the day

Consider not only what to eat but also when to eat it

Maintain a high calorie level based on your daily needs

Avoid junk food

If you are a sportsman and your goal is to increase muscle mass, you have probably already started weight training in the gym aimed at this purpose for a few months now. Or maybe you're not the gym type but care about your body and work out at home. 

In any case, whether you haven't set yourself big goals or, on the contrary, you have a rather ambitious one, you should know some details about sports nutrition and how Herbalife can help you achieve the desired results, whatever they may be. .

After all, just moving cast iron all day won't get you anywhere. A crucial factor is, and remains, your diet.

“You can't make tissue from air,” explains Lou Schuler, co-author of “The Lean Mass Diet,” “…you have to make it from food.”


But not all food is the same and you need to know what's good for your body and what's not so you can then make some changes to your diet if lean muscle mass is what you're looking for but you're not seeing concrete results. Herbalife can help you with this by providing you with all the nutrients you need. So, if you're ready to take some dietary action, consider following these four tips to implement a Herbalife diet based on evidence and consistent supplementation.

Keep your protein intake high throughout the day

Mantieni alto il livello di proteine ingerite durante il giorno

Protein is recognized as the main muscle-building macronutrient for a reason: it contains the essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valida) which are vital in repairing and rebuilding the small tears that training, whether strength or mass, creates. in muscle tissue. In this way we help the muscles to self-regenerate and become bigger and stronger

Various studies and practical experiments have shown over the years that consuming up to 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is ideal for building healthy muscles.

You should aim to get the majority of this dosage from foods containing "noble" proteins, such as lean meat, fish and eggs, but it is also very useful to supplement your diet with supplemental protein shakes. They are easy to make and your body tends to absorb the nutrients they contain very quickly.

Herbalife has a specific product for this: the Formula 3 protein shake. Thanks to this supplement it will be easy to reach the adequate daily dosage which is quite high for an athlete, much more than for a sedentary person.

Another relevant help can be represented by the consumption of protein bars. Snacking on a protein bar in the evening can help the mind better tolerate a rigid diet (it almost seems like indulging in a snack since the taste is very pleasant anyway) and guarantees an additional protein intake.


Consider not only what to eat but also when to eat it

Tieni conto non solo di cosa mangiare ma anche di quando farlo

The best time to introduce protein is shortly after a weight workout. Many studies have talked about this moment identifying it with the term "anabolic window" or a moment during which our body is ready to take the food we ingest and break it down to transform it into something useful for repairing its injured tissues. Following this repair, the muscle will gradually become stronger to better withstand the stresses and stimulations it receives.

After all, we all know the theory of evolution and here we are always talking about this: the human body adapts to external stimuli and does so as quickly as possible. You just need to provide him with everything he needs, namely: food, a conscientious intake in terms of quantities and timing and… supplements!

Obviously supplements, as well as food, must also be taken according to a logic.

The important basics to know are macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats). In particular, it is important to know that some foods provide us with energy (foods rich in carbohydrates) and others promote muscle recovery (foods rich in proteins). For this reason, the former should be taken before training and the latter after.

Before starting a workout (at least a couple of hours before) it is a good idea to eat a carbohydrate-based meal since through these we obtain energy to face the efforts we will make during physical activity. However, the meal must be complete and contain, even if in smaller quantities, a dose of protein and fat. Herbalife can guarantee us a perfectly balanced high quality nutrient supply that we can consume as breakfast to start the day with the right energy or before training to give our best. We are talking about one of its flagship products: the Formula 1.

Alternatively, there is a variant of this product, specifically designed for athletes: the Formula 1 PRO of the H24 line. This product is Herbalife's flagship energy boost and post-activity muscle recovery.


Maintain a high calorie level based on your daily needs

Herbalife H24

To gain muscle mass, you must first gain weight. You need an overall calorie surplus in order for your body to store some of the protein you eat as muscle tissue.


Plus, the extra calories help kick your workouts up a notch, which is totally beneficial because the more energy you have, the better your performances in the gym will be.


The required daily caloric intake varies a lot from individual to individual but what is certain is that you will need to eat more if you are looking to increase your muscle mass.


Herbalife has two special lines of supplements to help you with this and they are the H24 Sport Line and the Energy and Fitness Line


Avoid junk food

Evita il junk food

Overeating can put you in a position to gain weight quickly, so pay attention to where your macros come from. It's hard to gain fat from eating excess protein but the same cannot be said for fried foods, sugary and fizzy drinks, sweets and all.

Let's therefore avoid fast food, possibly even if we want to maintain a caloric surplus with the aim of increasing muscle mass. It could do more harm than good.

Instead let's take a look at how to complement our Herbalife diet for lean mass gain with healthy supplements like Formula 2 of Herbalife, which guarantees a complete and balanced supply of vitamins and minerals or the Fat Burning Kit which contains various products inside:



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