3 tips to get back in shape after the Christmas holidays

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3 consigli per tornare in forma dopo le vacanze Natalizie


Start slowly

Take care of your diet

Set goals


The winter holidays are known as a time of self-indulgence. Christmas meals are known to be hearty and exercise is often not as intense as the rest of the year. Spend the Christmas period and the New Year with your family and friends, chatting and drinking mulled wine and eating traditional sweets.

But after the winter holiday fever has passed, most people realize they're out of shape. While you may feel demotivated and somewhat defeated, you shouldn't worry. You still have time to resume your goals for achieving your summer body shape.

But how do you motivate yourself to keep working towards your goals?

While looking good comes with social benefits and increased self-esteem, it's always true that this requires commitment and dedication. Here are 5 sports tips that will help you get back in shape after the winter holidays.


Start slowly

Inizia lentamente

Many people think that their shape is maintained during the winter holidays. This is the biggest mistake you can make. During a break in the gym, your body is deconditioned. That means he's not ready for the same tough exercises you were doing before the gym break.

Take it a little slower and be patient. Your body will recover soon and you can increase the difficulty of your exercises over time. But first start with exercises that are lighter and shorter in intensity.

Because not being able to tackle the same exercises can overwhelm you. This can leave you feeling defeated and your motivation level can drop significantly. Don't set high expectations. You need a few days at the gym to make yourself reuse the same weights for each exercise.

Start with just a few minutes a day and make sure your exercises include three key aspects. Flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and general endurance training. Start slowly and do the exercises at your own pace. No one is rushing you and neither should you be rushing yourself.


Take care of your diet

Prenditi cura della tua dieta

Sticking to a healthy diet during the winter holidays can be difficult. Surely your grandmother/aunt/mother will urge you to eat more. It's important to go back to a healthy diet when you start exercising. Your body needs the right nutrients and you need to increase your sports experience.

Add only proteins and good carbohydrates and fats to your diet. Keep in mind that you should stay hydrated constantly to help your body get in shape.

It's important to do everything you can to get back in the game, and adjusting your diet more than exercise is the right way to do it. It would be more difficult for you to get back in shape if you keep eating fast food or unhealthy nutrients.

Choose foods that offer you the nutrients you need in small amounts. For example, avocado, full-fat Greek yogurt and eggs are perfect when you want to lose weight. Berry and nut smoothies are the right choice for your morning.

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Set goals

Stabilisci degli obiettivi

The process of setting goals is very important because it helps you keep your motivation level up. The effects of diet and exercise are visible after some time, so there is a chance to become demotivated in the process. That's why you should set some intermediate goals.

Don't think of something huge, but something simple, time-limited and realistic. A larger goal can be broken down into smaller goals which can help you get what you want even in the short term. And when you achieve a goal, take a moment to reward yourself. It doesn't have to be something big, but something that will help you feel happier and more proud of yourself.

There are many yoga studios and gyms that offer just month-long fitness programs. These mini programs can help you get motivated and in shape by challenging yourself without being overly demanding.

Also, having a friend with the same goals as you can help you be more motivated. You can support each other when you don't feel like exercising. In addition, you will train following your exercise routine in a more enjoyable way.

However, it is also important not to be hard on yourself and think only of the gym. Remember that 30 minutes a day is enough to see concrete results over time and you don't necessarily need to dedicate yourself to classic exercises in the gym.

So, you can also walk the dogs or have a yoga session to stretch your muscles. Alternate several types of sport to regain shape and maintain it.


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