10 Foods for a Charge of Energy!

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10 Cibi per una Carica di Energia!
It is not always easy to start on the right foot, get up early in the morning, have a thousand thoughts in mind with the boss, the work to be delivered, the traffic, the children at school by now we are used to living a hectic and stressful daily life. But sometimes a session with the psychotherapist is not necessary it is important to eat in a healthy, balanced way and take advantage of all the properties that some particular foods are able to provide us to have a good charge of energy and luckily they are easy to find, they are everyday foods , which, however, perhaps we are no longer used to consuming, preferring unhealthy food, canned snacks, overly processed foods. Do not dive into a thousand cups of coffee during your day, and feed yourself in a simple but targeted way.to.

The 10 best foods for an energy boost

Now get comfortable, and draw up your shopping list effectively, following these tips; then you will go to the supermarket with clearer ideas, and you will probably spend even less than usual! Wholesome and simple foods are cheaper than fizzy drinks, sweets and snacks in general Let's start with your breakfast, but they are also valid advice for a snack:o:
    1. Cereals, better if whole, not too sweet. You can find all sorts of them in your local store, but make sure they are really energetic with nuts: almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and Omega 33
    2. Oats, rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, but with low glycemic index, never miss it in milk for breakfast, but also a few tablespoons in a yogurt as a snack
    3. Fruit, choose the seasonal one, rich in vitamin C and also in fructose, a carbohydrate that will provide you with a good dose of energy

      Let's move on to the actual meals:

    4. Red meat, preferably lean, which with proteins and iron, and a massive dose of vitamin B12, will support you throughout the day, synthesizing the food ingested transforming it into pure vital energy
    5. Fish, rich in magnesium and Omega 3 fats, contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system; in particularly fatty fish such as salmon there is an immeasurable amount of niacin and vitamin B12, as in red meate
    6. Eggs, excellent alternative to meat and fish, great source of protein, with all 9 essential amino acids, they can easily convert calories into energy
    7. legumes, especially beans and lentils, are rich in fiber and iron, therefore highly energetic thanks to the vegetable proteins of which they are composed
    8. Vegetable, in general, it is always good and does not get fat; always include it in your meals and with all the vitamins and minerals it brings, it will help lighten your day and keep you going effortlessly
    9. Garlic, a natural antibiotic, known for centuries for its benefits on the human body, use it in quantity, invent new recipes that include it, your heart will thank youà
    10. Wholemeal pasta and rice, rich in fiber and with high satiating power, they will help you not to feel hunger pangs and will release sugars very slowly, keeping the energy level high

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